Self-Priming electric pumps
Grey Beard Pumps the most convienient, self-priming, electric pumps available

Follow these simple instructions to use your Grey Beard Pump for a variety of applications.

  1. Attach one hook-and-loop square to the bottom of your Grey Beard Pump, and the other where you want to position the pump. Secure the pump.
  2. Attach tubes to intake and exhaust fittings on pump. Do not over tighten.
  3. Insert intake tube into dipstick tube of engine, aquarium tank, or bilge.
  4. Insert exhaust tube into drain container.
  5. Activate peristaltic pump by connecting Battery Connectors or AC Transformer to pump connector.

When finished pumping, allow pump to run. Hold intake tube above the pump to empty intake/exhaust tubes. Remove tubes from fittings on pump for proper storage.

Grey Beard Pumps the most convienient, self-priming, electric pumps available


With Grey Beard Pump Model 317 The Niagara with DC Battery Connectors, do not touch the black clamp to the red clamp when either is connected to the battery.


Always disconnect your pump from the power source before starting any maintenance.


For best results, when pumping oil preheat the oil before using your Grey Beard Pump. Run the engine for several minutes to warm the oil, allowing the pump to transfer more oil than if the oil is cold.


Use hot water with low-suds detergent. Insert intake and exhaust tubes into the hot water/suds container. Activate the pump and continue pumping for several minutes. Rinse with fresh water or repeat as needed until clean. Tubing may not return to a clear color. Remove tubes and allow to dry before storage. Wipe excess oil or water from the battery clamps before storage.


Do not force any hard objects into the pump. Each peristaltic pump is manufactured to a very close tolerance. Any hard object may damage or destroy the tubing in the pump.


Use extreme caution when connecting/disconnecting the tubes at the fittings. Dislodging the black O-ring may cause pump to leak.


  1. Reverse the tubing as this may dislodge the object and restart the pump.
  2. Still Clogged: If pumping oil, back flush your pump with a lighter weight oil.
  3. Still Clogged: Remove clogged tube and blow or force air from the connector end of the tube.
  4. Still Clogged: Carefully insert a stiff wire into the tube. The wire needs to be smaller than the diameter inside the tube.
  5. Still Clogged: Contact Grey Beard at Grey Beard will want to know what you have stuck in the tubing.