Self-Priming electric pumps
Grey Beard Pumps the most convienient, self-priming, electric pumps available

“Thanks for sending me the 316 pump and accessories. Even when sucking up fluid from more than seven vertical feet, it worked like a champ. It took its time, but 99% of the water and a good portion of the water/oil mix came up and out, leaving our deep bilges much cleaner and less odoriferous! There was little vibration, and I really appreciated the simplicity of the pump mechanics, its ability to run dry, and how easy it was to clean up the unit afterwards with a “Simple Green” type solution in hot water followed by a fresh water rinse. Now, my Grey Beard Pump has a place of honor in our utility room storage locker ready to be called upon again whenever it's needed. I'll be sure to pass on my recommendations to our cruising friends. Best wishes for continued success in your new endeavors with Grey Beard Pumps!” –JOHN R.

“I was happy to receive a Grey Beard Pump late yesterday, and of course I had to try it out! All I did was
put it down the dipstick tube in my Yukon, took out about 1/2 gallon of oil, then reversed it and put a
1/2 gallon back in. It worked like a dandy! The pump primed very easily and I barely got my hands dirty.
I am going to use it on my 4-wheeler, golf cart, and mowers next because they all have hard-to-reach
drain plugs.” –WAYNE H.

“Changing the oil in our boat’s motor is such a hassle. It can get pretty ugly. This time, I watched my
husband use the Grey Beard Pump. Wow! What a difference. No more with that hand-held thing. He even
had a smile on his face when he was done. Thanks, Grey Beard!” –LINDA M.

“I finally got around to doing my spring servicing on my 1943 Willy's MB. I fastened the Grey Beard Pump to a piece of wood along with an old tin can to hold the quart jug (to prevent it from tipping over) of 80W-90 gear oil. I inserted the input hose into the oil container and the output hose into the transmission to fill it with fresh gear oil. I flipped the switch and the pump self primed and immediately started filling the gearbox at a nice steady rate (just a matter of minutes to empty the quart oil container). I repeated the operation filling the transfer case and steering gear box. The pump made the job of filling these components an effortless task, alI that was left for me to do once I inserted the hoses, was to wait for the oil to reach the top of the fill holes. The Grey Beard pump is fantastic and works as advertised, even better! It had no problem pumping the heavy gear oil and certainly has made these maintenance tasks much easier and faster; previously I used a small mechanical hand pump to perform these refills which was tedious and took a couple hours to complete. Thanks for providing a great and useful product, I will certainly recommend it to the other members of my club, Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado. I have included some photos showing the pump set up to fill the transmission on my jeep. Thanks again!” –MARK N.

“I used mine to change the oil in my push mower. Stick the tube in, turn it on, add oil, and wait for the
grass to grow.” –DAVE C.

“The turtle tank always needs to be cleaned. Using the Grey Beard Pump was so easy! I even had time to make the video. Check it out.” –C.R.

Good Old Boat logo Grey Beard Low-capacity Pump
The Grey Beard Pump is a multipurpose pump that can solve some problems on your boat or at home.
For instance, the bilge in our C&C 30 (like many, I suspect) is never as dry as we would like it to be. The backflow from the discharge hose when the bilge pump switches off can be upwards of a quart of water, and getting into the bilge to sponge it up is not easy. Grey Beard solved that problem on our boat.

The pump has its origins in the medical industry, where its many applications require it to be dependable, portable, self-priming, able to run dry, and to have parts that are easily exchanged. It transfers about a pint a minute of nonflammable liquid, which makes it handy for pumping oil from an engine or water from a bilge. The pump draws very little current and is available in versions that run on either AC or DC.

The Grey Beard Pump costs $69.95 and is available online.

–Michael Facius, Good Old Boat Magazine