Self-Priming electric pumps
Grey Beard Pumps the most convienient, self-priming, electric pumps available

Grey Beard Pumps are great for use on your boat, motorcycle,
car, marine aquarium, ATV, and much more!*

  1. Reverse the oil-changing process to add oil to hard-to-reach places.
  2. Use the pump to add or remove anti-freeze and transmission fluid
    to your engine.
  3. Keep your boat smelling fresh by using your Grey Beard Pump to clean up
    the last of the water in your bilge
  4. Change the murky water in your aquarium without transporting fish.

Have you used your Grey Beard Pump for a special project? Let us know.

*Not to be used to transfer gasoline.
*No debe utilizarse para transferir la gasolina.